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Szamuráj páncél

Samurai Armour

Full armour of a Japanese samurai warrior. Lacquered steel and textile weaving. Helmet and breastplate 16 century. Complete compilation of...


German carved horn gunpowder with iron fittings from the 17th century.

artdeco kard

Art Deco Saber

A saber made for ornamental Hungarian clothing at the beginning of the 20th century. An 18th century Turkish blade was...

Figurális Vértál

Alms Dish with Figures

Important brass alms dish from Nuremberg. Nice patinated dish with the decoration. 15th century.

Vadász Jelenetes Pipa

Pipe with Hunter Scene

A wooden pipe depicting a hunting scene with silver lid.  

Lőportartó Rákollóból

Crab Claw Gunpowder Holder

Crab Claw Gunpowder Holder

sárkányos váza

Bronze Vase with Dragon

High: 61 cm

Tibeti úti oltár

Tibetan travel altar


Kínai vázapár

Pair of Chinese Vase


Barokk Gyertyatarto pár

Baroque Candlesticks Pair

17th-18th century bronze baroque candlesticks pair.Size: 21 cm