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The Gallery

 The gallery was established in 1993 as a family business, working as a specialist in antique arms and oriental antiques. Since then, the Moró Antik Gallery has steadily grown in all of his fields of interests.

 Any collector or a visitor to our gallery will find interesting and exquisite items for his or her taste. We hope your visit to our web site will be the first of many and that we will see you at our gallery in Budapest, Falk Miksa str 13.

 Gallery personnel: Lajos Moró, Ildikó Moróné Sajdik and Csaba Moró

Our recent acquisitions!

Hungarian Hussar Sabre

Hungarian hussar sabre from the 18th century. Broad blade with moon etched decoration. Leather covered wood scabbard with baroque-style bronze mounts. Full...

Empire Sabre

Empire magnate sabre from the early 19th century. Blue velvet covered wood scabbard with gilt mounts. The ending of the hilt depicts a man’s...

Magnate Sabre

So called Hungarian Magnate sabre. Red velvet covered wood scabbard with stone inlays. Etching decorated blade. Silver mounts with Austro-hungarian silver mark. Full length: 104...