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Coptic Textiles


 The third exhibition’s subject of the Moró Antik gallery was the coptic textiles, these very vulnerable and marvelous artworks. The 34 exhibited pieces were on loan from 7 Hungarian private collectors.

2005. november



Our recent acquisitions!

Hungarian Hussar Sabre

Hungarian hussar sabre from the 18th century. Broad blade with moon etched decoration. Leather covered wood scabbard with baroque-style bronze mounts. Full...

Empire Sabre

Empire magnate sabre from the early 19th century. Blue velvet covered wood scabbard with gilt mounts. The ending of the hilt depicts a man’s...

Magnate Sabre

So called Hungarian Magnate sabre. Red velvet covered wood scabbard with stone inlays. Etching decorated blade. Silver mounts with Austro-hungarian silver mark. Full length: 104...