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Japanese Daisho

Japanese swords, so called Daisho. A matching pair of a katana and a wakizashi sword.

The wakizashi (short sword) is signed: Hizen Kuni Ju Tada Yoshi Saku. Made by Tada Yoshi swordsmith around 1610 on the island of Kyushu, which is famous of the native excellent quality iron ore.
The katana (longer sword) is unsigned (mumei), and it was shortened from a tachi blade until it becomes to be called katana. (The evolution of the tachi into the katana seems to have started during the early Muromachi period (1337-1573)

Both blades are: the tip of the blades are Chu-kissaki (middle sized tip), the edging lines are Choji-hamon (flame pattern), the patterns of the steel are mokume-hada (woodbark pattern), the diagonal lines of the side of the blades are shinogi-zuhuri (one diagonal line).

The mounts: the hilt-guard (tsuba), the set of hilt collar (fuchi) and buttcap (kashira), the ornaments placed under the handle wrap (menuki), are buke-zukuri (black lacquer-painted scabbard with gold decorated mounts). All are the same dragon-motive decorated work of one goldsmith, specialised in sword-mountings.
Blade length of the wakizashi: 53 cm
Blade length of the katana: 71 cm













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